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Release Date:
Rating: 5.5
Directed by
Chad Stahelski
Written by
Shay Hatten, Derek Kolstad
Based on
Keanu Reeves, Bill Skarsgård, Hiroyuki Sanada, Lance Reddick, Scott Adkins, Marko Zaror, Aimée Kwan, George Georgiou, Donnie Yen, Laurence Fishburne, Shamier Anderson, Rina Sawayama, Ian McShane, Natalia Tena, Clancy Brown, Brahim Chab
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
87Eleven Entertainmen, tLionsgate, Summit Entertainment
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John Wick: Chapter 4, Starring Keanu, Lance Reddick, Ian McShane, John Wick: Chapter 4 characters, as well as Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) and Gabriel Byrne (Hereditary), it focuses on assassin Rooney de Armas. and naturally, she will face Baba Yaga herself.

How to watch John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023) Full Movie High Table in theaters of 'John Wick 4'.

John Wick: Chapter 4 is less and less left for Keanu Reeves to put on the Baba Yaga costume in John Wick 4. The new film in the franchise is warming up to continue the experiences of a man who was not allowed to retire: now, the High Table is paying the bills. Consequences.

John Wick discovers a way to defeat the High Table. But to win his freedom, Wick must face a new rival with powerful alliances around the world, capable of turning old friends into enemies.

There is less and less left for Baba Yaga to return to the big screen. John Wick 4 will have its premiere this 2023 after the third film in the franchise, released in 2019, left us in suspense.

Many people are on vacation for the next few weeks, so it's a great time to check out new releases on HBO Max and other streaming services. If you like action, you should know that the John Wick trilogy is coming to the service for a limited time.

Watch John Wick: Chapter 4 roars again:online for the 100 days to its premiere theaters

Lionsgate acknowledged that the fourth installment of John Wick was postponed in time due to the pandemic that hit the world two years ago. The production company confirmed at a press conference that on March 26, 2023, this film would hit theaters worldwide with a splendid Keanu Reeves, who hopes to steal the show -again- in the skin of this avenger.

Keanu Reeves returns to the role of John Wick for the fourth installment of the franchise, which promises not only to complete the story that made the saga famous. Also, open the possibility of new plot arcs, including future spin-offs. But not everything has been easy, and the actor admitted in a recent interview that John Wick 4 is "the most difficult feature film he has ever made." Quite a surprise when you take into account that the interpreter has a long and prolific career in action films.

From 2014 onwards, Keanu Reeves finally established himself as an action icon. What had been demonstrated in the 90s, even though it was resisted by Hollywood producers in films like Maximum Speed or Limit Point, which later led it to be part of the Matrix (more based on science fiction), was corroborated with the murderer's saga. For hire, directed by Chad Stahelski and has already released three productions.

'John Wick' fans can get ready for the longest film in the saga yet, as filmmaker Chad Stahelski confirmed to Collider that the upcoming 'John Wick: Chapter 4' will be the longest installment in the franchise. And they are only a few weeks away from closing the film's final cut.

Like any great franchise, the John Wick saga has spawned films and related series that expand its universe and the world of each character for fans. Star Wars was one of the pioneers in this, but today it is almost an obligation within a mainstream cinema to continue generating profits from the same core. Thus, the trilogy starring Keanu Reeves will have two spin-offs: the movie Ballerina and the series The Continental.

Chad Stahelski has added a new scene at the end of 'John Wick 4' Streaming for spin-off film.

Never has a beagle pup brought back a bone as appetizing as John Wicks. Fans of the Keanu Reeves action saga will not forget that puppy for whom the most ruthless hitman in cinema left his retirement to avenge the infamous perpetrator murder of a group of Russian mobsters. John Wick neither: it had been given to him by his late wife, and it was the last thing that connected him to life. Although the death of an animal on screen is always a low blow, writer Derek Kolstad and director Chad Stahelski knew how to turn it into the engine of a revenge story that has already had three films and many others in development. If it were for Stahelski, it would reach ten films.

"We've been shooting in Prague for four months," revealed the actress during her visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "We still have one more month to go. And I'm suffering. You know, my body, my back, everything hurts. I complain; it hurts, and I have bruises. Bond [film No Time to Die] was 15 minutes. This is a whole movie, another level.

John Wick will return to the big screen when the new film is available in theaters, and we've already seen that the Chad Stahelski-directed film will continue to raise the bar for the action and the stars involved in it.

Leading the film's cast, directed by Chad Stahelski, we have Keanu Reeves, who puts on the black suit again to cause all possible problems for the High Table.

This week it was announced that the three John Wick films starring Keanu Reeves would arrive on the HBO Max service starting on January 1, 2023, so we will be able to see them all before the fourth film opens in March 2023. However, there is a drawback: the trilogy will only be available for one month.

Watch John Wick: Chapter 4, John Wick 4 release dates

Weeks ago, the first advance was already given through a trailer, and the fans did not believe it. In the few minutes that the presentation lasted, Wick is noted in one of his endless fight sequences and in a chase aboard his inseparable 1969 Ford Mustang Mach with which he has maintained a relationship since the first film.

The statement came while promoting John Wick 4 at C.C.X.P. 2022 in Brazil. In addition to an interesting discussion about what to expect from the future film, Reeves also spoke about the level of complexity of the production.

The story of Stahelski and Keanu Reeves has been going on for many years because the director started as his stunt double, precisely in The Matrix. From there, they built a great relationship that made them meet again in this trilogy about to release a fourth part this year, with a spin-off, a series, and at least one more movie on the way. John Wick is synonymous with action, and no assassin is more beloved than the character played by Keanu.

"It's longer than the other three but shorter. We are in the final stretch, and then we have to add VFX and music. But this is as far as I've been, both in post. We love the music we have so far. We still have Tyler Bates compositing some of the bigger sequences. The visual effects will be present for the rest of the year. But we are dangerously close."

One of the most exciting news for fans of this action-revenge saga is that Reeves will reprise his role in Ballerina. It is not yet known if he will be a cameo or if his appearance will be part of the plot, but we know that he will share the screen with Ana de Armas, the protagonist of this film that tells the story of a young assassin.

John Wick: Chapter 4 watch - March 24 2023 online in theaters

Let's review. In 2014, the first John Wick film was a miracle that came to revitalize American action cinema with frenetic choreographies, bathed in neon and planned in-sequence shots that left us all speechless. Of course, it didn't come out of anywhere. Chad Stahelski and David Leitch signed it, a couple of specialists who have coordinated, together in their production company 87Eleven or separately, the best action scenes in contemporary cinema: The Matrix, Wolverine, The Expendables… Everything.

"But the other day, Keanu and I were rehearsing our difficult stunt scene, and this man kept recording repeatedly and throwing me into the air and doing crazy things. And I was like, I can't complain anymore because he's doing it. He's the best." Reeves, famous for his iconic action roles in films such as Neo in the Matrix, Jack in Speed, or his most acclaimed leading role as John Wick -it is still rumored with his appearance in the MCU-, in which he often shows his great experience as a hero. Here he was not going to be less. Surprisingly, during this time, Armas also learned of her Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress for playing Marilyn Monroe in Blonde.

After "dropping" from the Continental Hotel in New York, John Wick finished the third film in the saga the sewers with the Beggar King (Laurence Fishburne). After everything that happened, John is angry, and nobody wants to be around when the Bogeyman is angry.

Starting January 1, we will see John Wick: Another Day to Kill, John Wick 2: A New Day to Kill, and John Wick 3: Parabellum through the HBO Max service. However, all three movies will leave HBO Max on January 31, 2023, so they will only be available for one month.

If you haven't seen Watch John Wick: Chapter 4 in theaters, Lionsgate has scheduled.

If you don't let John Wick retire and spend the rest of his days in peace, the infamous "Bogeyman" may become your worst enemy. After dispatching more than one villain, the global syndicate isn't picking up on the signals.

A point that, in addition, he highlighted will make the story a "frantic tour" through the well-known universe of the hitman. As a direct sequel to Parabellum, John Wick 4 follows the character's journey in an attempt to escape the High Table organization. In addition to facing the legions of criminals that cross the world in search of him.

One of those responsible for working with Keanu Reeves was Dan Laustsen, who joined as cinematographer on John Wick 2 and repeated on the third, Parabellum. In addition, he was chosen to also shoot the fourth, so he is one of those who best understand how this character works. "When you do a third part, you have to give more action and color than you did in part 2. I think we did that very well; there's a lot of action," Laustsen said.

While no specific running time for 'John Wick 4' has been revealed, the film should be over two hours and 11 minutes long, as it's the longest running time in the franchise. The original 'John Wick' ran for 101 minutes, while 'John Wick: Chapter 2' clocked in at 122 minutes. 'John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum' went even longer at 131 minutes. If there is a fifth, will it again be longer than the previous one?.

The film is directed by Len Wiseman and will feature Ian McShane, who we will see again in Winston's shoes as manager of the Continental hotel. Reeves is already in Prague filming Ballerina, though no release date has been set for the film.

John Wick If you've been good to its re-release John Wick: Chapter 4 stream in theaters

John Wick was a box office success, followed by two sequels: John Wick: Blood Pact (2017) and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019). Together they have grossed $587 million worldwide for just $147 million. Since then, many films have been inspired by the 87Eleven style, such as Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Kate and Bob Odenkirk's Nobody or Charlize Theron's Atomic, in this case, by David Leitch himself at 87Eleven. But John Wick is still the cream of action movies and continues expanding his universe.

In July 2022, the star revealed how she fought hard to land Emerald Fennell as a screenwriter on Ballerina. "It was very important to me to hire a writer because until I got involved with the project, it was just the director, Len Wiseman, and another guy [Shay Hatten]. And I said to myself, 'This isn't going to work.' "explained Elle. "So I interviewed five or six female writers. We hired Emerald Fennell, which I was very proud of."

John Wick 4 will see Keanu Reeves' character travel to various locations around the world, meeting old allies and potential enemies, so it's a good chance to expand the variety of weapons arsenal he's used in the franchise.

If John Wick kills with a pencil, what he won't do with a nunchaku?

Entertainment Weekly's coverage of John Wick 4 leaves us with a new image of Baba Yaga about to turn a wretch who appears to be one of the High Table's stormtroopers into a catalog of blows, like those who assaulted the Continental in the third film.

December 2022 has been a month with great releases for the HBO Max service, as acclaimed movies like all Hellraiser, Hook, Gone Girl, Burn After Reading, and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. have arrived. (with Henry Cavill, who fans love from 007); as well as releases such as Amsterdam, The Banshees of Inisherin, and Black Adam, the latest movie in D.C.'s extended universe.

After the release of the first trailer for the film last November, the promotional campaign for John Wick 4 advances to take us by the hand to the movie's premiere in theaters next March.

However, moviegoers and lovers of the North American manufacturer would not have liked the image of this "muscle car" in this fourth part. And is that Keanu Reeves is forced to destroy one of his doors -the pilot's- to have a greater field of vision when facing hundreds of his enemies.

"John Wick 4 is the hardest movie I've ever done," Reeves said during the production panel discussion at Comic Con Experience 2022. "In terms of action, it's the hardest I've ever done. But that's what makes it good." He also added that it is a walk-through of all the big points of the saga. Something that includes perfectly choreographed action scenes and car chases of outstanding technical quality, which have become the hallmarks of the tale.

How to Watch John Wick: Chapter 4, online Combines Three Surprising Influences

As for the series The Continental, it will premiere on Amazon Prime Video, although it does not have a set release date either. This production focuses on Winston's story, and its cast includes Mel Gibson, Colin Woodell, and Reeves, who will have an appearance. Meanwhile, John Wick 4 will hit theaters in March 2023. It will undoubtedly be one of the most important action releases of next year, and it already has its official trailer.

In pre-production is John Wick: Chapter 4, a prequel miniseries with Mel Gibson and Colin Woodell called The Continental that will focus on the iconic assassin hotel from the movies, and a spin-off about an assassin named Ballerina, who is believed to be could interpret Ana de Armas. That is for the moment. But, as we said, Chad Stahelski can't wait to stop.

Adding to his repertoire of choreographed scenes, John Wick wields a nunchaku, revealing a new world of pain and broken bones to his enemies. Of course, considering that good old Jonathan has the habit of finishing off everyone with a shot to the head, the pain won't last.

As one would expect, social networks were filled with comments about the images, and there were mixed opinions. Some recognize that it is a "sacrilege" to corrupt the sacred bodywork of one of the most representative cars for the North American automotive industry; Others, on the other hand, assure that it is a film that honors the vehicle regardless of its state.

John Wick gets his hands dirty again in the fourth movie.

Through the compilation of 2023 releases that U.S.A. Today has assembled, we find a new image of the Keanu Reeves film. John Wick appears dressed in his black suit in broad daylight and in a snowy setting that seems to be a tree-lined walk.

Let's remember that John Wick 4 will visit several cities, just as he has done the filming of the film itself. Seeing the scene, although, with the possibility of being wrong, Keanu Reeves could be walking through Tokyo, where we know that Baba Yaga will land at some point.

John Wick 4 is getting closer to being released, and, without a doubt, it has become the obsession of its fans. Reasons are not lacking: after several successive delays, the most recent of almost a year, the film is one of the most anticipated in the coming months.

At this year's CinemaCon, where Stahelski presented the first images of the next installment, the director talked about his plans for the franchise with Collider. Although they still have not closed a definitive title for John Wick: Chapter 4, he has said that we will have some "conclusion for the emotional thread so far." Which does not imply that we are necessarily near the end.

In addition to John Wick 4, 2023 will bring us to Prime Video The Continental, the prequel series to the franchise starring Colin Woodell as the young Winston Scott (Ian McShane in the main saga), who sets out to take control of the iconic New York hotel.

John Wick: Chapter 4 is once again Amazon, Netflix, where to see John Wick 4 online box office for its re-release

The truth is that this 1969 Ford Mustang Mach will once again play a leading role in this feature film that hopes to break box office records. Mustangs of this type began to be manufactured at the end of the 1960s, and one of its most emphasized attributes was the power of its 390 V8 engine, capable of delivering about 400 CVs of maximum capacity. Thanks to this assembly, this car is driven up to 249 kilometers per hour at peak speed.

The cast of John Wick 4 is full of stars returning to the saga or participating for the first time. Rina Sawayama, Bill Skarsgård, Donnie Yen, Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShane, Natalia Tena, Shamier Anderson, Marko Zaror, Scott Adkins, Lance Reddick, and Hiroyuki Sanada are some of the stars that we will find in the film.

In addition, the announcement of various spin-offs and the possibility that the story deepens makes the saga a rarity in the action genre. Much more when you try to build a specific world that responds to its rules and limits. Something that John Wick 4 will make more evident and will become an interesting point to understand the story.

"This time, we will see The High Table organization using all its resources. So [there are] a lot of people chasing John Wick," Reeves said. "But it's just the usual mechanics for the John Wick movies, right? So how do you do these scenes? That is the challenge that the team behind the camera has taken with particular rigor.

John Wick and a long, violent journey

Stahelski has talked about these other projects, such as the adaptation of the Ghost of Tsushima video game, which he has in development after a decade dedicated exclusively to John Wick movies. "There are at least half a dozen projects that we are attached to that I think is fantastic. I love them all, and I would love to do them all," says the director but immediately clarifies: "That's not a no for another John Wick; it just knows how to manage the schedule... I love those other projects, but I'll also do what is necessary to work with Keanu again."

Throughout the conversation, Stahelski gives one of lime and another of sand to those who would like John Wick to never end. On the one hand, he states that they are looking towards the "finish line" but that "if it expands from there, they will always be happy to talk about it." Extend how far? We'd all be happy if they made 10 John Wick movies, right? "So do we," says Stahelski. "It would be incredible."

Also currently in production is Ballerina, the spin-off film starring Ana de Armas that will hit theaters worldwide soon, but not necessarily in 2023.

With just over two months to go before John Wick returns to theaters, we are still gaining sight of the prequel series The Continental, which will arrive this year on Prime Video, or Ballerina, the spin-off with Ana de Armas.

The franchise has now distinguished itself by creating sophisticated, bloody, and brutal action scenes. Particularly in the way the killers relate to each other. In a universe where a criminal organization has total power over a layer of the criminal world, John Wick has a unique personality.

If Stahelski wants to, the only one who could stop him would be John Wick himself, but Keanu Reeves has already repeated several times that he is willing to go as far as he is, and he does not stop training to be John Wick. The moment, Chapter 4 will hit theaters on March 24, 2023. After that, there would only be six movies left. And they would be few.

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